Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects  &  Chartered Engineer
In the computer age the starting point for any technical work on yacht and boat designs is the construction of an accurate 3D computer model to define and illustrate the design. Since learning to use the Maxsurf software in 1985 I have produced more than 1000 computer models for all types of marine craft - this has become a speciality. These 3D models were not just for my own designs and consultancy, but also for other designers’ craft, for existing boats where no drawings could be found and for use in my Maxsurf training courses.

Once a 3D model has been constructed it can be viewed from any angle on the screen or rotated as an animation. The designer and client can then inspect and evaluate the design to ensure that the features, proportions and aesthetics are correct.    

Assessment of a new or existing design’s stability is carried out by exporting the model to Hydromax, another program in the Maxsurf suite. This allows tanks to be calibrated, hydrostatic and GZ curves to be produced and the stability to be assessed against a variety of Standards and Codes. If required, the damage survivability can be checked by simulated flooding of each compartment in turn.

The performance and power requirements of the design can also be assessed at the design stage by using one of two other Maxsurf suite programs - Hullspeed for engine power and speed results, or SPAN for sailing yacht VPP polar performance plots for a range of wind speeds and directions.
As the 3D computer models can be defined very accurately (to the third decimal place of a millimetre full size if required) it makes the numerical data available from them ideal for exporting to modern CADCAM equipment for efficiency in the production process. Typically this would involve automatic high-speed cutting out of plates and parts by plasma arc or laser cutting with the benefits of excellent accuracy and repeatability.
Maxsurf Computer Hull Models  
Accurate 3D design, stability assessment & CADCAM production
Swan 48 Yacht
70’ “Spray” Tribute
11.5m Cruising Catamaran
Tide 28’  “Cheeky Monkey”
45’ Racer
25’ Yacht “Skep”
RML 497 “The Fairmile”
9m Twin Engine RIB
30’ Steel Motor Cruiser
12m Catamaran Workboat
25m Office Barge
24’ Self-Launching Powerboat
88’ Royal Rowbarge “Gloriana”
10.45 x 4.25m Pusher Tug
9m Power Catamaran
13.9m Racing Yacht
24’ Rowing Gig